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Meet the tottles

Our packaging may look a little unique, some may also say that it resembles something else. But we wanted to tell you about why it looks the way it does.

‘Meet the tottles’, our specially designed flexi-dispenser bottles. ‘Tottle’ means a ‘top down bottle’ so you can easily dispense your emollient.


Read below to understand more about them:

Environmentally Friendly

Our bottles are made from fully recyclable plastic, which means once you’ve used all your emollient, pop it in your local recycling facility.

Easy-to-Squeeze Plastic

We’re made from soft plastic to make it easy for you to get the all-important product out of the bottle.

Clear Bottle

Our bottle is made from clear plastic so you can see how much product you have left, so no getting left short of product when you need it most.

Get More for Your Money

We conducted some tests, which have shown that you’ll be able to get almost all the product out of our bottles in comparison to a pump


The tottle is the reason your emollient may not be as expensive as you thought. It contains quality product but doesn’t cost as much as other   dispensers to produce. This means your emollient won’t cost the earth, and will help you to use as much as you need, as often as you need

Paula Oliver

Dermatology Nurse Specialist

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