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EPIMAX® is a cost-saving range of emollients used to treat and manage the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. The range features: creams, a hydro-gel and ointments in the same high quality, familiar formulations patients are used to. Each formulation is similar to its brand originator, so that you can:

‘Economise without compromise’

EPIMAX® name change and label update

Some name changes affecting part of the EPIMAX® emollient range came into effect in the March issue of the Drug Tariff. The products will occupy a dual listing on the drug tariff up until February 2021 such that prescriptions dispensed under both the new and old name can be reimbursed.

The update affects the following three products:

EPIMAX® Original Cream (previously Epimax Cream)
EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream (previously ExCetra Cream)
EPIMAX® Isomol Gel (previously Isomol Gel)

We would also like to reassure you that, despite the new names and associated change in appearance of the labels, the products themselves remain unchanged and offer the same significant cost-savings compared with similar originator brands.

As you transition prescriptions, should you require any further support, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Aspire Pharma

EPIMAX® is an Aspire Pharma brand. The range is manufactured by DermatoLogical, which was acquired by Aspire Pharma in February 2019. Established in 2009, Aspire is a privately-owned British company offering a range of medicines, medical devices, diagnostics and OTC products. Each product is carefully thought through, offering value and differentiation to patients and healthcare professionals.

Our range has been developed to deliver high-quality products with familiar formulations, which offer cost-savings to both patient and health care budgets. Aspire Pharma; a trusted brand with a dependable supply chain, ensuring product supply and patient treatment regimens are never interrupted.

The range

We understand the financial pressures faced throughout the NHS, that’s why the EPIMAX® range offers formulations equivalent to those that your patients may be accustomed to, at significantly lower prices. We also understand the importance of helping your patients choose the most suitable product to effectively treat the symptoms of their dry skin condition. We know that the product you prescribe must meet their skincare needs, preferences and fit seamlessly into their lifestyle. This is why we have a full range of emollients in three types of formulation: creams, hydro-gel and ointments. There is something for everyone from light hydration, to intensive relief and overnight treatments, so no matter the severity of your patient’s symptoms, there is something in the range that should work for them.

What makes our range different:

  • You take care of your patients; we’ll help take care of the environment. Introducing our tottles, ‘top-down’ bottles, which are fully-recyclable
  • Savings of up to 61% vs the best known emollient brands1 so that you can prescribe emollients in the volume that your patient needs
  • Our tottles (500g top-down bottles) produce an average of 2% wastage2 (based on EPIMAX® Original Cream)
  • Our formulations are similar to the well known emollient brands
  1. (June 2020)
  2. 1010451673 v 1.0 February 2020 DOF – Synopsis of Evacuation Testing for Epimax Cream Tottle

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